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Back to the Pines

During a recent trip back to The Pines, I was dismayed to see how vandals were destroying the lobby. Apparently, people are trying to steal the marble that lines the walls.

It was a cold rainy day and there were big puddles of water in the lobby floor from the damaged skylight overhead.  You can see in the first few photos where moss is growing. Upstairs in some of the rooms there was ice from where water had leaked from the ceiling.

Last time we were here, the building down the street was a pile of rubble. That has been cleaned up, but now there are orange barrels around the building across the street . Further down, the street is still closed off from when a part of a building collapsed.

I’m sure it’s only a matter of time, before The Pines is surrounded in orange Barrels.

Arkansas Hotel Series, The Pines, Pine Bluff, Arkansas

I was thrilled to be allowed to tag along with a photography group that had permission to photograph this historic hotel. The encylopedia of Arkansas explains, “When it opened, the Hotel Pines was regarded as one of the finest hotels in Arkansas. Located near the Union Station, the hotel offered porter service to carry baggage to and from the station. It also was the location of society balls and dances, banquets, and business and civic meetings.”

Arkansas Hotel Series – Riceland Hotel, Stuttgart, Ark.

According to the Arkansas Preservation website, the Riceland Hotel was built in 1929 and was “the hub of duck hunting in Stuttgart, a place where all of the guides would meet. Many celebrities stayed in the Riceland Hotel while engaging in the hunt including: actors Andy Devine, Wallace Bery, Robert Taylor and Rod Cameron; baseball player Ted Williams; publishing giants Joseph Pulitzer, Ray Long, Jim Quirrk; cartoonist Bud Fisher; industry leaders Cluett of Cluett-Peabody, and New York Jeweler Piere Cartier.”