Army Navy Hospital

A magnificent building sits just off of Central Ave. in Hot Springs towering over downtown. Ever wonder what goes on up there?

According to the the Arkansas Encyclopedia of Arkansas History and Culture the site is now the Arkansas Career Training Institute. Previously it was “…the first combined general hospital for both U.S. Army and Navy patients in the nation. This joint services hospital was created ahead of the Navy Hospital Corp and over twenty years before the founding of the now-infamous Walter Reed Army Medical Center.”

“Along with soldiers being treated for war injuries, servicemen from battle zones were sent to the Hot Springs facility for rest, relaxation, and rehabilitation.”

The site is now the campus for Arkansas Career Training Institute. According to their website  “…ACTI’s mission is consistent with the Arkansas Rehabilitation Services Division’s mission to provide comprehensive vocational rehabilitation services to persons with disabilities. The center receives client referrals from vocational rehabilitation field counselors in all 75 Arkansas counties.”

Here are some photos of the grounds and buildings from early this week. Many of the buildings are used for vocational classes. Some are waiting to be repurposed.

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